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  • A quarter century of experience in precedent-setting civil litigation.
  • Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Maryland and Georgetown University Law School.
  • Author of Winning Without Precedent.
  • Lawyers for Public Justice nominee as Trial Lawyer of the Year in 1986.
  • Former legal analyst for NBC News.
  • Winner of the W.E. Chilton III Leadership Award for 1999.
  • Guest lecturer at numerous colleges and law schools.

Major Litigation Accomplishments

Mr. Siegel has established a national reputation for winning cases that the established legal community said could not be won. In Rice v. Paladin Press, Mr. Siegel led a litigation team that prevailed over the powerful national media lobby. This landmark First Amendment case established that a publisher could be held liable for intentionally publishing instruction manuals that teach criminal and terrorist acts when those manuals are used to kill and injure innocent people. The Court ruled that the media does not have a unique constitutional right to aid and abet murder. The four-year battle that took him to the Supreme Court has been chronicled in the book, Deliberate Intent, by Rod Smolla, and made into a Fox movie staring Timothy Hutton and Ron Rifkin.

Fifteen years before the current vogue of handgun litigation, Mr. Siegel stood up to the National Rifle Association and won the first court victory against an NRA supported defendant. In a precedent-setting decision, the Court ruled that foreign Saturday night special handgun manufacturers could be held liable to American victims of crime. When Congress and the state legislatures were cowering before the NRA, Siegel went to war in the courts. Kelly v. RG Industries paved the way for the use of the judicial system by citizens to go after those who knowingly profit from the death of the innocent.

Making National and International News and
Drawing Attention to Controversial Legal Issues

Mr. Siegel has been a featured guest on “60 Minutes,” “60 Minutes II,” “Larry King Live,” “The Today Show,” “Dateline,” “PBS’s Inside the Law,” and “Court TV.” His accomplishments have sparked favorable editorials in The Washington Post, and columns in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The Los Angeles Times and the Denver Post as well as newspapers in Australia, Japan, Great Britain, France and Germany.




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